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Corporate Security During Summer Travel – Take it to the Cloud

It is safe to say that when given the opportunity, many employees prefer working from anywhere other than a stuffy office environment. That is not to say that every office is stuffy and boring, but wouldn’t you prefer answering emails from somewhere other than your cubicle. This desire seems to get even stronger during the summer, when the weather is nice and people have vacations on their mind.

While working from a beach in California or a mountain resort in Colorado may be just what the doctor ordered, it is a nightmare for a company’s IT department. With so many companies experiencing data theft from corporate computers, it is crucial that all PCs and laptops be equipped with full disk encryption. In simple terms, full disk encryption is a technology that you load on a computer to “scramble” all of the data and information on the hard drive. If someone tries to break into your computer and steal information, but doesn’t have the “key” to unlock the full disk encryption, they will be left empty handed. Full disk encryption makes your data and sensitive information readable by you only.

If you are an IT administrator, you are well aware of the benefits of full disk encryption. However, you have likely also heard horror stories of employees turning off their full disk encryption, making the computer a ticking time bomb.  If employees can turn the full disk encryption off, then all of your hard work to protect the business can be thwarted at any moment.

In the past, you likely would have spent a lot of money to fight this danger. This would have included purchasing complex technologies for managing your security, training employees on security, and hiring a sizeable staff to monitor and maintain all of your security software. This is why some small- to mid-sized businesses have skipped deploying security technologies such as full disk encryption – solutions have been too pricey and complex. However, the “cloud” is changing this dynamic by making security easier to manage and deploy, as well as by making it possible to ensure security software isn’t turned off by employees. It is also making security technologies more affordable.  If you don’t know what the “cloud” is, it is a cluster of servers where software can be hosted and delivered over the Internet as a service.

“The cloud is really the saving grace for small- and mid-sized businesses when it comes to security,” said Jim Fulton, vice president of DigitalPersona. “The cloud gives businesses of all sizes access to enterprise-class security solutions, such as full disk encryption. Using the cloud to manage an organization’s security solutions allows IT to make sure policies are being followed, even when employees are on vacation.”

By using the cloud to manage security, IT administrators can ensure that full disk encryption technology remains in use, no matter where the employee is. In fact, IT only needs an Internet connection to manage security from the cloud which means they can finally join the rest of their co-workers and take a well-deserved vacation!

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